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Stemm Fest Demo Complete!

STEM Bella Demo Complete
Ma’at Enterprises and The La Bella Vita Inc. Foundation are excited to announce a first of its kind, mixed virtual reality program, STEMM Fest and STEM Bella, as a solution to the lack of minority educational access and underrepresentation in STEM. STEMM Fest is an event that melds the concept of Music with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; thereby making STEM more fun and accessible to our youth creating an educational environment were they will visualize themselves as inherently scientific. STEM Bella is a first of its kind virtual and physical program designed to teach the science and business behind the beauty industry in a simulated cosmetics chemistry lab, wherein girls’ imagination and creativity are stimulated as they learn about chemical compounds, color combinations and creating customized products.

The program’s new and innovative technology goes beyond augmented reality and virtual reality by enabling students to interact with three-dimensional holograms blended with real world technology. STEMM Fest and STEM Bella use the Microsoft HoloLens as more than a simple headset, but with high-definition holograms integrated along with the real world. The HoloLens allows for a new ways to create and communicate creating a transparency, where users never lose sight of the world around them. Students will experience an interactive series of programs and activities where they’re learning and recognizing the application and correlation of STEM concepts in their everyday lives using mixed technology.

Why music? Young people tend to use music as a way of defining and sharing their sense of self-identity, or “personal brand.” Music is deemed as a legitimate path to identity, culture and self-discovery, especially for teenagers, whether they are playing instruments, listening, dancing to or creating music. Imagine being able to play an instrument in a mixed virtual reality setting.

Our mission is to immerse and expose at least 5,000 students annually to STEM through our program. By targeting students from age 12-18, our goal is to reach them early enough and expose them to STEM and trained STEM professionals. We want to address the high unemployment rate of urban youth and facilitate awareness of the plethora of career opportunities within the field of technology. To address these challenges, we have developed a musical training program that is relatable to young people and connects them with the skills, mentors, and experiences that they need to become high-performing technologists in a 21st century global economy.

The product is expected to launch Tuesday, August 18th, 2020. We will pilot the STEMM Fest music technology in schools and work with cosmetics companies with STEM Bella. The timing couldn’t be better given the debate about distance learning that is impacting our schools as a result of COVID19. To register for a sneak peek of the technology click here, put LAUNCH in the comments.

STEMM Fest and STEM Bella are founded and implemented by Monique Allen and Stacey Miller.


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